Rules To Roleplaying

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Rules To Roleplaying

Post  CrazyTomboyChan on Mon May 24, 2010 6:09 pm

1. No spaming.
Again, do not spam up my site, I've worked too hard on it for it to be spammed, if you want to post any off-topic topics then post them in the 'Spam' or 'Other RPGs' section.

2. Respect all RPG characters.
It's okay to insult the RPG characters or hurt them physically or emotionally, (because personalities crash) but if this pattern goes on, that is a sign of early godmodding, for that you will receive a instant warn.

3. Respect what the Host, Co-Host, Admins or Moderators say.
They are of that rank for a reason, they have played the game well and have had alot of experience. If you ever have a problem or if they mistreated you then, PM me their words of action.

4. Talk in a matter we can all understand.
Slang is fine, but when in the RP you need to write in a normal way we can all understand. You can type however you can in the chatbox or out of the RP.

Example of a good way of typing on the RP:
Bob: Wow, Jill is so hot! Hey Jill. *waves* (Do you want to get Bob and Jill together?)

Let's review:
Italics are used of the character's thoughts.
Asterisks are used for the character's actions.
Brackets are used for out of character remarks.
When entering a message as one of your character, enter your character's name followed by a colon and then finished by your character's message.

5. Character amount.
The character amount is three characters per each person, if you want to make less than three characters, then that's fine as well.

6. Voting.
When finishing a challenge, the losing team will be asked to vote somebody out from your team. If you're on the losing team, PM me your vote on who you want to vote off. If you have more than one character on a team, then they cannot vote for the same person.

7. No godmodding.
I do not want ANY godmodding what so ever. Godmodding is when you make your character too powerful and are able to 'kill' other people's characters.

8. Three Strikes, You're Out!
The 'three strikes, you're out' rule still applies to the roleplay, if you haven't already read the rules to the site, then what the 'three strikes, you're out' rule is basically how I keep track of the many strikes you'll get if you disobey these rules. Strike number one, you get a warn, strike number two, you get banned from the chatbox, strike number three, you get banned from the site and don't come back ever.

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