Rules To The Site

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Rules To The Site

Post  CrazyTomboyChan on Mon May 24, 2010 6:09 pm

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

1. No insulting other members.
Insults are useless and do not help one's self esteem or feelings, and remember that we're all human and therefore have feelings. We're an online community and we shall respect others. You can insult people in the RPG, but not on this site or the chatbox.

2. No extra accounts.
If you want another character, then ask me. So many people though out the years have ignored this rule, I have too, so I- myself am guilty as well. I may allow an extra account for a special character or for challenges.

3. Keep it PG-13.
You can cuss all you want on the site, RP, or chatbox. Knock yourselves out, I don't care. But I don't want 'naughty' pictures on the site or the chatbox, but for those of you that you like posting 'naughty' pictures then you have the right to post them, just PM them to each other.

4. Mind the content of your Avatar or Signature.
Your avatar and signature can have swears it in, but no 'naughty' pictures in it. You can put anything else you want in it.

5. No Spaming
Spaming is basically vandalizing the site, if you wanna spam it that's what the 'Spam' section of the site is for.

6. Listen to what the Admins or Moderators say.
The admins and moderators are the ones that have knowledge about their sites, handle and care them of them and have been RPing for a long time.

7. Three Strikes, You're Out!
I like to follow the 'three strikes, you're out' rule, because it really helps the site alot. If you do something against or ignore these rules then on strike number one, you get an warning, strike number two, you get banned from the chatbox, and strike number three, you get banned from the site and never come back, because I don't like putting up with this crap no more than you, yourself do.

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